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Waking Life essaysBy watching "Waking Life" once, our minds could be opened up to some deeper life philosophies that most of us rarely think about on a daily ...

Waking Life Essay

Lao tzu starts the these two spring from the same source but differ in name this appears as darkness. Too much attachment breeds unhappiness or book of changes, which contains a method of divining the future, and the idea that theuniverse is balanced between yin and yang, the female and male principles. Linklaters characters of the need to be aware of the reality of present instant, theongoing wow of the now, a central tenet of buddhism.

Theseroughly parallel nietzsches master and slave moralities. We are caught up in false choices between spectacles in a society which offers us spectacularabundance, yet at the same time separates us from each other and from active resistance to the cultural alienation this societyrepresents. Theyre making an origami fortune teller, which when they open it up tells them dream is destiny.

And scene 20, the holy moment,although ostensibly about andré bazins theory of the cinema, echoes vedantist ideas when the camera captures a moment of reality,it is capturing god, since god is in all things. Another wants anaffirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified, that it amounts to a total denial of every kind of restraint and limitation. Tiana hux, performance artist, compels wiley tocommunicate with her, rejecting the ant autopilotmost of us use everyday.

If shankara were a film director, this is surely something he would have understood. Enlightenment, nirvana,can only come once we let go of our attachment to the permanence of the self, at least the self as a fixed entity. The scene also evokes the when bill wise tells wiley that even ifhe makes a random choice as to his destination, it will determine his fate.

The existentialists critique this idea as radically underestimating our personal responsibilityfor our actions. In this very harmonious taoist garden an old woman is drawingportraits, showing wiley a sketch shes done of him at the end. This fourth state, in sanskrit, is where we are one with brahman.

We are the authors of ourselves, co-authoring a gigantic dostoevsky novel starring clowns. And theres only one story - do yousay no or yes to gods invitation to enter eternity? Here is yet more evidence for the presence of the vedantist idea of cosmicmonism in the film. Matter is here as a test for our curiosity. Tentative solutions to the problem of the alienation of consumer society are offered in scenes 24 and 25. With a bit of a stretch we can see this once again as nietzsches rejection of nihilism and his challenge that we embracelife and fate, even if it eternally recurs.

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Richard Linklater's 2002 film Waking Life is all about dreaming, and how we ... to a philosophical understanding of the film along the lines set out in this essay.

Waking Life Essay

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Waking Life Essay Thisbecomes important when the second man in the white room, guy forsyth, Anything isstill possible, the talking chimp tells us, even though the world seems empty and degraded. Yet it is an existentialism all the same. It is in constant flux, balanced by the tao. Seen from this point of view, his claim that theessence of the human quest is to be liberated from the negative parallels nietzsches own attempt to escape from the nihilism thathe saw engulfing european civilization all around him. Hes not talking about the kind of self or soul that theologianswould argue about. Debord (played by austin shopkeeper and poet hymie samuelson - the realdebord committed suicide in 1993). She tells him that she doesnt want to wander around on ant autopilot all the time, butwants instead some real human moments.
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    Bill wise picks up wiley in his boat car, telling himto go with the flow. Too much attachment breeds unhappiness or book of changes, which contains a method of divining the future, and the idea that theuniverse is balanced between yin and yang, the female and male principles. Mocking everyday babble, sheasks wiley, paper or plastic?, credit or debit?, do you want ketchup with that? Wiley goes on to quote the d. He refers to jean paul sartre, a famous existentialist, who once said that he never had a day of despair in his life. In other words, we should live in the now and not be attached to the past or possible futures.

    He talks about the significance of freedom of choice and that we could be whatever we want to be in this life since we have a right for free will. Giacometti was once run down by a car, and he recalled falling into alucid faint - a sudden exhilaration as he realized at last, something was happening to him. Delpy says that she sometimes thinks shes observing her lifefrom the perspective of an old woman, looking back on her life. Yet linklater throws in some humour at the end of thescene to lighten the situation they see an older man stuck up a telephone pole who doesnt know why hes there. Their explorations of the contemporary urban environment led them to speculate about itspsychogeography, arguing that a revolution in everyday life required a more liveable architecture, one that encouraged desire andplay.

    This fourth state, in sanskrit, is where we are one with brahman. Once again, dreamingin related to freedom and creativity. Mad poettour guide timothy speed levitchspeaks of the ongoing wow, lorcas poems, thatwere the authors of our lives, that life understoodis life lived. Short scene man on street says that as pattern getsmore intricate, being swept along is no longerenough. The true test of the presence of master morality wasthe or love of fate. Ive also indicated which ones i consider to be axialscenes when it comes to a philosophical understanding of the film along the lines set out in this essay. So our first wake-up call ends with the buddhist notions of the reality of the now, of the changing self, and of the need formindfulness. Thispoint is reinforced in scene 22, the train arrives, when david martinez debarks from a train and tells wiley not to be bored becausethis is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. Moore and dawson have seemingly thrown off theirattachments to an illusory future and to the fixed nature of their selves. So from discovering the fact that wiley is dreaming, linklater brings up the question of human freedom, andindirectly that of authenticity.

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    Waking Life, by Richard Linklater, is an unusual movie that was released in 2001. The movie was recorded with the same technology that any movie would use, ...
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    But not so for solomon, and one would imagine linklater. He doesnt like the socially constructed and fragmented self of thepostmodernists this just opens up a whole world of excuses. Weve already seen how in scene 11 otto hoffman asks us to say yes to all existence. We sit in our living rooms shedding metaphorical tears for the deaths of thousandsin bangladeshi typhoons or massacres in rwanda, yet ten minutes later drive to the shopping mall for our daily fix of fast food andmaybe a shiny new commodity or two. He believed that all life was suffering,but this could be limited by limiting our cravings or desires.

    Sartre once interviewedsaid he never really felt a day of despair in his life Buy now Waking Life Essay

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    Mocking everyday babble, sheasks wiley, paper or plastic?, credit or debit?, do you want ketchup with that? Wiley goes on to quote the d. These commodities fight epic battles as vaporous qualities empty of substance, lacking the reality of even mythicalheroes such as achilles and hector (debord p62, 66). In solomons ownwords solomon in the classroom. The metaphor of water wearing down rockis part of the general taoist idea that suppleness and not striving can overcome strength over time which is literally non-action, but means more generally spontaneous or natural action. So the wake up call here is to freedom, tothe acceptance of a transcendent that isnt enchained by the grimy materialism of the body or by the slightly less grimysocialization of our economic and social roles Waking Life Essay Buy now

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    Hoffmans yes to existence can also be seen (in addition to its buddhistconnotations) as evoking nietzsches a more aggressive nietzschean can be seen in scene 15, which ive called the overman. Caveh zahedi talks about film allowing us to seeholy moments (andre bazin saw god as reality, filmas presenting god). She says that this sense of spiritual communion is what we live for. Following thisprinciple allows us to live in peace with nature and to find tranquillity. Its something very concrete its you and me talking, making decisions, doing things and taking the consequences.

    Thomas if god is all-powerful and knows everything that will ever happen, how can human action be seenas free? This is the same question posed by modern science, transferring the power to determine events from god to natural laws Buy Waking Life Essay at a discount

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    Wise is in astate of constant departure, always in flux, always ready to ship out. As young women theyfelt an eager desperation to reach a plateau in their lives somewhere in their thirties. Yet they ask it not just in a literal sense, but also as a metaphor for the nature of modern culture and forthe human condition as a whole - in what ways do we fall asleep even while awake? How can we lead a life that is awake, moreaware of people and things, more authentic? The film provides the outlines of three wake-up calls to three more-or-less separateways in which we sleep too easily. Otto hoffman, a quaker, wants us to be free fromnothingness, to say yes to one instant, and thus toall existence Buy Online Waking Life Essay

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    The film was made first by filming live action with a digital video camera, then transferring the video to computers, and rotoscoping(colouring over) the images to turn them into animation. Yet linklater has allowed this contradiction to stand in his film, seemingly embracing both sides of the dialectic at once. The bodhisattvacompassionately puts off nirvana so he or she can remain in the world of the senses and help others. Yet wiley winds up waking into just another level of his lucid dream, ending the movie. In scene 4,signifier and signified, kim krizan (co-screenwriter of linklaters earlier film argues that words were designed totranscend our alienation from each other, but are in reality dead and inert symbols Buy Waking Life Essay Online at a discount

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    Since we are responsible for creating our own actions, we are responsible for creating ourselves. Why? Mackey says that the answer to this simple question can be found in another - whats the moreuniversal human characteristic, fear, or laziness? However we reply to this second question - one assumes that the true answer is amixture of both - mackeys short monologue hints strongly at overman, the higher type of human being who embraces mastermorality, who overcomes all obstacles to achieving his full potential. Most fundamentally, wileys dream self wanders wherever he wills, to quote the upanishads. Human beings want chaos we want strife, riots, murder, and war. Our third theme is the situtationism of guy debord and raoul vaneigem, french thinkers and activists whose work culminated in twomajor theoretical statements, both published in 1967 debords the situationists see modern consumer society as a society of the spectacle where our selves are absorbed into the massentertainments provided by film, tv, pop music, advertising, and consumer goods Waking Life Essay For Sale

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    At the end of our lives, we are probably closer to being animals that overmen -we eat, sleep, have babies, go to work, watch television, but produce nothing great. Wiley wiggins dreams of playing with origamifortune teller (dream is destiny), then floats away,touching a car handle. The brihadaranyaka upanishad puts it this way it is said of these states of consciousness that in the dreaming state, where one is sleeping, the shining self, who never dreams, who isever awake, watches by his own light the dreams woven out of past deeds and present desires. Hoffmans yes to existence can also be seen (in addition to its buddhistconnotations) as evoking nietzsches a more aggressive nietzschean can be seen in scene 15, which ive called the overman For Sale Waking Life Essay

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    This is evidence of the more poetic, positive side of situationism, of vaneigems idea that we could build a cathedralof poetry and love in which to carry out our everyday lives. Thesituationism of these four wanderers is uttered with an intense earnestness. It goes all the way back to platos allegory of the cave what if you were chained in a dimly-lit cave your wholelife where you saw only the shadows of real things passing by the entrance to your cave reflected on its back wall? Suddenly yourefree and come into the sunlight. Buddhism asks us to wake up from our false belief in and attachment to thepermanence of things, including the permanence of the individual ego, and to embrace the reality of the now Sale Waking Life Essay





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